Skinny Mini - Slimming Shea Whip

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An effective topical slimming moisturizer, which assists with weight loss goals.  Some ingredients include: Peppermint, which assists with cravings and digestion; Grapefruit Essential Oil, which prevents bloating, water retention and dissolves fat; Lemon Essential Oil, which addresses intestinal parasites which are a secret cause of weight gain. The lemon in the recipe also helps with digestion, removal of toxins and boosts energy;  Finally, Bergamot Essential Oil is included and this plant helps control bad cholesterol and stress related eating. 


Lemon Drops Add-On

Skinny Mini Shea Butter Moisturizer and therapeutic grade Lemon Essential Oil are used together to speed the process and realize weight loss benefits even faster. Therapeutic grade lemon essential oil is an effective method of cleansing toxins from the body.  Adding this concentrated lemon peel extract to your water everyday will help you to realize maximum benefits in the area of improved digestion and weight loss, when used with Skinny Mini Slimming Shea.