Join Our Team

At Naturally My Sister's Keeper, we promote health, wellness and education in the community through the use of natural remedies.  We are in search of individuals with similar values, who also consider themselves to be lifelong learners.

Open Positions:

  • Brand Marketing and Sales Associate

  • Assistant  Manager of Sales and Operations

  • Bookkeeper
  • Marketing Assistant

    Job Description:  Brand Marketing and Sales Associate

    Essential Functions

    • Brand Marketing:
      • Goal: Effectively identify target demographic (Women: 35+ and Men: 40+) during shift to distribute samples
      • Goal: Maintain a high-quality brand image; Focus on professional appeal of both products and employees
        • Keep Products: Neat, clean (dust-free), and organized.
        • Employees Should Be: Professional, knowledgeable, and articulate.
    • Sales
      • Goal: Inform potential customers about healing the body with herbal remedies
      • Goal: Accurately perform sales transactions including handling cash and secure credit card processing while adhering to company policies and procedures
      • Goal:  Maintain the visual appeal by restocking shelves, updating pricing information and completing inventory management tasks as directed.
    • Customer Service:
      • Goal: Improve product knowledge
        • Study product line to become familiar with product functions and benefits
      • Goal: Recommend products based on customer’s description of issues
    • General:
      • Goal: Supporting opening and closing store activities, when needed
      • Goal: Disinfecting work and product areas

    Required Qualifications:

    High School Graduate or GED

    Preferred Candidate

    • Previous experience in a retail or customer service setting
    • Enjoys Sales and Talking to People
    • Values Professionalism
    • Experience with Excel
    • Able to troubleshoot system (iPad, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Connectivity)  issues (if needed)

    Pay Structure

    The pay period is bi-weekly.  Team member pay is based on the achieved weekly sales average.  The breakdown is as follows:

    Average Weekly Sales

    Tier/Hourly Pay


    Tier 4 ($12/hr)


    Tier 3 ($9.50/hr)


    Tier 2 ($8.00/hr)

    < $300

    Tier 1 ($7.25/hr)



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