Acne Prevention and Facial Cleansing System

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This 3-part system is designed for those who struggle with oily skin, blemishes/acne scars or problematic combination skin. This system includes a cleanser, skin repair serum and 4 oz. moisturizer.  It is a daily regimen to cleanse and provide balance to the facial skin naturally.  It includes an infused serum which promotes circulation and speeds cell regeneration quickly fade acne scars.  This serum is also effective for eliminating blemishes and tightening skin to minimize fine lines and wrinkles.  The final step is a non-comdogenic shea, which is effective when restoring moisture to your skin while not clogging sensitive facial pores.  The plant-based system promotes circulation and the essential oils can be relied upon to deliver a high content of oxygenating molecules to facial skin cells, which promotes healthy, radiant skin.


  • Fades blemishes, dark marks and acne scars
  • Restores moisture to the skin, while also not clogging pores
  • Promotes circulation
  • Healthy, radiant skin when used regularly