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Boost-T Complete System (for Low Testosterone)

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Boost production of free-testosterone with natural ingredients.  The system includes:

1) Boost-T Shea Butter 

2) Boost-T Foaming Shower Soap and

3) 2-week supply of Supplement Capsules

The recipe consists of the following powerful plant ingredients:

1. Idaho Blue Spruce (C/T)
 a. Contains high content of alpha-pinene and limonene
b. Increases Testosterone Levels
c. High in d-limonene which is anti-cancerous
d. Helps to heal pineal glands

2. Copaiba (C/T)
a. Magnifies the properties/effects of other ingredients
b. Reduces/Regulates Cortisol (Stress Hormone)
Note: Cortisol is essential for handling stressful situations. However, increased levels can cause chronic stress and irritability.
c. Also helps to reduce scarring in healing wounds and improves bladder control

3. Idaho Balsam Fir (C/T)
a. Reduces cortisol (stress hormone)

4. Fennel (C/T)
a. Great for mood and self-confidence.
b. Helps remove toxins from the body, caused by excessive alcohol or food consumption

5. Geranium (C/T)
a. Helps remove harmful toxins from the body
b. Promotes circulation
c. Helps to balance hormones

6. Peppermint (C/T)
a. Stimulating effects on the body
b. Improves blood circulation

7. Sage (C/T)
a. Beneficial as a stimulant
b. Activates brain, nervous system, liver and circulatory system

8. Sandalwood (C/T)
a. Great for balancing testosterone levels
b. Aphrodisiac
c. Grounding effect to assist with anxiousness

9. Lavender (C/T)
a. Effective for healing the body
b. Relieves nervous tension

10. Yarrow (T)
a. Helps balance hormones
b. Prostate decongestant

11. Myrtle (C/T)
a. Helps normalize hormonal imbalances
b. Stimulates and balances prostate functions

Topical (T) Instructions: Apply to bottoms of feet, ankles, lower abdomen and pelvic areas daily

Capsule (C) Instructions: Take 1 capsule 3x daily