Daily Moisturizer - Whipped Shea Butter (Various)

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Naturally My Sister’s Keeper's moisturizing shea addresses dry skin throughout the day. This multi-faceted moisturizer delivers healthy benefits to your skin along with a wonderful fragrance.  Enjoy the healthy glow of naturally radiant skin throughout the day.  Treat yourself to long lasting moisture every day with Naturally My Sister's Keeper daily moisturizer. 

A body butter that you can count on throughout the day!

Butterfly Effect - The term refers to the phenomenon whereby one small change  can have large effects elsewhere.  When you wear this fresh and uplifting fragrance, you won't be able to get enough and neither will everyone else.   Fresh  floral scents with a blend of lily, sage, sweet amber, orange and slight hint of musk.  Can't get enough!

Hala Kahiki - When it comes to fruity and tropical aromas, this scent is a must have.    A truly sweet and succulent fragrance, it is a light pineapple scent which smells similar to a tropical breeze.  A true customer favorite.  The reviews are chart-topping for Hala Kahiki.  Made of pineapple, passion fruit, guava, coconut, banana, melon and grapefruit scents... it is a "must-have" in your tropical scent collection.

Free Spirit - Smells similar to banana foster, which is a decadent dessert fragrance that is sure to make people want to just 'eat you up'!  Indulge in this whipped shea butter moisturizer without guilt; you won’t ruin your diet or spoil your appetite with this delicious scent!  Free Spirit smells so good, it reminds you of a carefree childhood.

Jamaican Breeze -  Wooosahhhh!!! Jamaican Breeze smells like a true caribbean vacation....with hints of grape, peaches, pineapple, raspberries, strawberries and vanilla.  It is sure to make your mouth water.

Sweet Baby - Sometimes you just want to smell like a snuggly baby.  This moisturizer is great for everyone.  One whiff makes you want to snuggle, with hints of baby powder and soft vanilla...everyone is sure to love it and you!  Warning: Random hugs throughout the day could potentially occur while wearing our Sweet Baby.

Tea Rose -  Enjoy the brilliant nostalgia of our Tea Rose shea moisturizer.  This sweet scent takes you on a fragrant stroll through the gardens of yesteryear with an enticing blend of notes that echo innocence and gentile living. A combination of rose, lily, and tuberose give this classic fragrance a light, airy, and romantic vibe, while Brazilian rosewood and cedar lend it a timeless, earthy appeal that's ideal for everyday of the week.

Strawberry-Mango - Enjoy smelling like the start of a beach weekend... "fresh & sweet", while wearing our strawberry mango whipped shea.  Just think..sugar dusted strawberries and freshly picked mangoes. 

White Gardenia -  A very angelic, floral fragrance with a very regal appeal. White Gardenia is an opulent, luxurious floral fragrance that was designed to appeal to royalty!  Top notes of citrus and lily of the valley begin this bright scent. Middle notes of white gardenia and jasmine rest on subtle notes of amber woods to create a warm floral base.

African Gardenia -

Black Sandalwood -

Dewberry -

Ylang Ylang -

Paradise Sensation - Green apples, honeydew and pear

French Lemon -

Egyptian Honeysuckle -

Tunisian Amber -

Sudanese Coconut & Lime -

Vanilla Bean - Just like the ice cream, your favorite someone will want to eat you up because it smells so similar to the yummy vanilla scent we all know and love!

Baby Powder -Smells just like it's name.  Feels so fresh and clean.

Strawberry Dreams -

Faded - A nice, masculine fragrance