'Remedy-Based' Shea Whip for Various Issues

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Enjoy a handmade remedy, created to address a desired health or wellness goal.  Only premium high-quality plant oils are used and wonderfully moisturized skin is always an added benefit to these carefully blended recipes. 

Use the selector to identify which concern you would like to address (email, if issue is not listed).  A remedy-based product will be blended using the appropriate plants and ingredients.


Additional Info:

Graves Disease Shea Recipe Includes: 1. Frankincense- anti-inflammatory, sedative, deepens breathing, enhances calmness 2. Geranium- antiseptic, hormone balancer, mildly sedating oil good for nervous tension 3. Clary Sage- antidepressant, anxiety reducer, helps to counteract insomnia; 4. Jasmine- lethargy- busting antidepressant (avoid during pregnancy)useful for anxiety, emotional imbalances 5. Juniper – detoxifying, air purifying and calming- avoid during pregnancy 6.Lemon Balm Melissa (true)- uplifting, restorative for the emotions 7.Sandalwood: spiritually therapeutic scent, considered meditation enhancing; Good for nervousness, it is soothing for both body and mind. 8. Lavender- improves the immune system function, reducing inflammation, calming and normalizing the body. This is one of the best oils ever. 9. Ylang-Ylang- antidepressant, calming sedative, eases anxiety, reduces stress, normalizes the heartbeat and lowers the blood pressure. 10. Cedar wood- antiseptic, expectorant and sedative. Normalizes sweat gland function