Sunday Blend - Life Tea

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Our Sunday Blend: Life Tea is a very unique blend of beneficial herbs.  The Life blend helps with cleansing your body, aids in digestion and works to improve whole body health.  With key beneficial ingredients such as:

Echinacea - Benefits related to weight loss, blood purification, boils, pain, gangrene, inflammation and more..

Yellow Dock Root - Benefits related to liver congestion, skin issues, liver, colon, gallbladder, constipation, blood purification and more..

Sassafras Root - Benefits related to arthritis, skin problems, cold & flu, lungs, kidneys and more..

Goldenseal - Benefits related to prostate, blood purification, inflammation, respiratory system, sore throat, cleanses/dries mucous membranes and more..

Ginger Root - Benefits related to  liver, kidney, urinary tract, blood purification, weight loss, indigestion, cramps/spasms, lung decongestant, heartburn and more..

Burdock Root - Benefits related to blood detox/purification, upper respiratory system, skin problems, kidneys, liver, lungs, stomach, flu/fever/cold and more...

also includes thyme, quinoa, Carob and anise seed