Yoni Seat

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For use with Yoni Steam Herbs.

  • CAN HELP RELIEVE: painful itching from inflammation, bladder or prostate infections, menstrual cramps plus more. Use our sitz bath for hemorrhoids, a vaginal steaming seat or a relaxing postpartum sitz bath
  • SO COMFORTABLE, so easy to use. Our sitz baths become a yoni steam seat for toilet models of all kinds. No bathtub required. Use warm water, add yoni steam herbs to the yoni bowl for a relaxing and comforting experience ahhh!
  • PREMIUM QUALITY vaginal steam seats for women. Foldable and durable design. Made with smooth, contoured toilet sitz bath seat edges for added comfort
  • THE PERFECT SIZE sitz bath for toilet seat rims from the standard to most elongated toilets. Easy to keep it clean, hygienic, bacteria free.