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Introducing Naturally My Sister's Keeper Botanical Pain Relief Capsules, the ultimate natural solution for managing pain and inflammation. Our unique blend of turmeric and ginger work together to provide fast and lasting relief from headaches, sore muscles, arthritis and other types of pain. The turmeric, known for its anti-inflammatory properties, and ginger, known for its pain-relieving properties, make the perfect combination to help you manage your pain naturally.

Our capsules are vegan, non-GMO, and free of artificial ingredients, making them a safe and healthy choice for managing pain. They are also easy to take and can be taken on-the-go for convenience.

We at Naturally My Sister's Keeper understand the importance of natural and organic products, that's why our Botanical Pain Relief Capsules are made with the many of the same all-natural, botanical ingredients you love in our Shea Miracle Whip. For those of you who already trust and love Naturally My Sister's Keeper Shea Miracle Whip, these capsules are a natural extension of the same high-quality, natural ingredients you have come to trust.

Our mission is to provide you with natural and effective solutions for managing pain and inflammation, without the need for harsh chemicals or synthetic ingredients. Trust us to help you manage pain the natural way with Naturally My Sister's Keeper Botanical Pain Relief Capsules. Start your journey to natural pain relief today!

Active ingredients include:  Eleuthero Root, Goldenseal, Maca Root, Moringa, Cinnamon, Ginger, Astragalus Root and More


My name is Wanda Patrick. I would like to give some information about a pain tablet that I tried from Naturally My Sister's Keeper. I want to share that I had back injury in 2007. I had back surgery in 2009. I have had back pain for the past 15 years everyday when I say everyday, I mean everyday. I have tried several natural remedies that has helped, but never completely eliminated the pain.

On 8/5/22, I drove from Charlotte NC then to Louisville Kentucky, this a 7-8 hour drive from Charlotte depending on how many times you stop. I was SHOCKED when I realized that my back was not hurting when we stopped for a rest break. I noticed when I stood up I was not stiff, I was not grunting., moaning because of pain. I also have a week tendon in my right ankle, my ankle wasn't swollen when I arrived to Kentucky. I wasn't hopping or unable to straighten my back. It was simply amazing. I also noticed I had several bowel movements that day. I had eaten something that gave me indigestion it was better after I took 1 more tablet that afternoon. This is my first time trying this natural pain tablet, I am just walking better. I kept waiting for the pain but it is so much better. I tried the 2 tablets on an empty stomach with 8 oz of water. I did not take any other supplements with it just to see how it worked by itself. I AM AGAIN AMAZED AT THE RESULTS.

When you have been in pain for so many years and you try something that really helps, it is hard to not expect to feel that pain you have been in for so many years. But I can truly say this tablet from Naturally My Sister's Keeper has really helped me. I really hope you try it and get the same results. NO PAIN. AND THE RELIEF LASTED ALL DAY. NOW THAT IS AGAIN SIMPLY AMAZING. I would also like to add that when I returned to work.
I have always had trouble going up and down stairs but TODAY OH MY GOODNESS-TODAY I walked up and down 2 flights of stairs without having to take 2 steps on each step. AGAIN, SIMPLY AMAZING.

If you are in pain like I have been in for the past 15 years and you find something this awesome to relieve pain, I want everyone to know about My Sisters Keeper pain pills. And another amazing thing is it is all natural herbs. You have got to try them. John 1:2 Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth. 

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