Moringa Herbal Tea Blend

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Our Moringa tea is accentuated by both ginger (helps with pain, weight loss, etc..) and lemon (helpful for digestive issues, etc..).  This tea is very enjoyable and contains many great benefits.  

A wonderful tea with so many benefits:

  • Arthritis and Pain (#1 most reported benefit, by customers)
  • Energy (#2 most reported benefit, by customers)
  •  Helps to Lower Blood Pressure
  •  Builds the Body’s Immune System
  •  Relaxes the Nervous System
  •  Boost Antioxidant Levels
  •  Decreases Water Retention
  •  Relieve Inflammation
  •  Libido
  •  Impotency
  •  Weight Loss
  •  Increased Mental Clarity
  • Stimulates Hair Growth