African Black Soap

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100% Raw African black soap has been used for centuries for its ability to deep cleanse, softly exfoliate, repair and protect the skin, allowing people to benefit from younger-looking, radiant skin. The secret lies in its natural ingredients!  Made of plantain skin, cocoa pods and Shea butter bark, which makes it very rich in minerals and antioxidants (Vitamin A and E). These ingredients are combined into a soap, which combats free radicals (entering our bodies from the polluted environment and diets) and aids in overall skin rejuvenation.

  • All-natural, deep-cleansing alternative to chemical-based soaps and body wash
  • Aids in reducing and eliminating breakouts, skin discoloration and razor bumps
  • Vitamin E rich
  • Shea butter ingredient helps keep skin healthy and to avoid dull, dry skin
  • No animal testing, additives or fragrances

100% Raw African Black Soap is a unique soap native to West Africa. In a process that has gone unchanged for generations, shea butter is combined with plantain skins and cocoa pods to create a gentle yet effective cleanser. This soap has a natural, earthy scent and contains no irritating additives. African Black Soap is growing in popularity, especially in the US, because of its versatility. It cleans deeply and exfoliates, but is gentle enough for everyday use.

** Comes with a free soap loofah

Ingredients & Directions

Ingredients: Plantain Skin, Cocoa Pods, Raw Shea Butter, Palm Oil and Coconut Oil

Directions: Lather using a sponge or washcloth and gently apply the lathered sponge to your skin.   Comes with mesh soap sleeve. Use with sleeve is recommended in case of presence of minuscule plantain particles.