Anointing Oil (for Prayer & Healing)

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This high quality product contains the recipe the Lord gave to Moses for a Holy Anointing Oil in the book of Exodus 30:23.  In addition, more than 10 additional plant extracts are included in the recipe for regular use during praying and anointing sessions.  This highly effective recipe of healing oils can/should replace the olive oil currently used by many missionaries during anointing sessions, as it is designed to deliver healing benefits derived from plants included in the power-packed recipe. 

Herbal  benefits include:

  • Marjoram (called 'Herb of Happiness', relieves pain, spasms and helps with PMS)
  • Myrrh (powerful plant with many healing benefits given as a gift in the Bible)
  • Hyssop (found in the bible, balances emotions, stimulates creativity)
  • Wintergreen (relieves pain)
  • Bergamot (uplifting, calming, helps with depression) and
  • Ocotea (anxiety)

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