Sea Moss Infused Lemonades and Smoothies

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The "Comeback Kid" lemonades and smoothies are delicious infused beverages, designed to provide all you need to get through the day.  With sea moss, it is packed with 92 minerals that your body needs daily and electrolytes to help boost hydration.  The beverages are infused with one or more of mother nature's healthy flowers or herbs for great flavor and an additional boost in health benefits.

RAZZberry Zinger Blend

A delicious high-fiber smoothie blend containing Raspberries, Pineapple Juice, Chia Seeds, Flaxseed, Vanilla, Lemon Extract and Lemonade.  This blend can help those people who have issues with digestion or constipation.   It does not send you running to the restroom but is effective enough to make your visit more productive when you need to visit it.  Do yourself a favor and use Razzberry Zinger to detox and easily improve digestion.

Big Red Blend

High in antioxidants; Several herbal ingredients which are commonly used to support prostate health, including 2 types of green tea, saw palmetto, nettle, watermelon seed and more..

Elderberry Blend

      Elderberry -High in Vitamin C; Treats cold/flu symptoms; good for respiratory and lung health; helps to balance blood glucose; rich in antioxidants; boosts immune system; treats pain/ lower inflammation and protects cells.

Purple Haze Blend:

Butterfly Pea Flower - Helps support a healthy immune system;  It is rich in antioxidants and known to promote vitality.  It also helps to stimulate hair growth, improve memory, helps to improve eyesight, Promotes weight loss, helps stabilize blood sugar levels and contains anti-aging benefits as well.

Infinite Fruit Blend:

Lemongrass - Great for Inflammation and Pain
Rosehips - Helps the immune system, known to promote healthy skin
Hibiscus - Known to help with Hypertension and Weight Loss
Orange - Helps improve mood, improves oral health and promotes weight loss

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Customer Reviews

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I can’t believe how much energy I feel when I drink this. My skin has never looked better too!

Thank you for the feedback Libbi and thanks for being a loyal customer!

Jessica McCoy

It taste so good and it has really been helping my hair come in stronger and thicker and my nails are growing so much faster!


It had spilled on the container, so I threw it away

Janice Thomas

My last order consisted of seamoss, the newest flavor raspberry zinger, MOJO gummies and Soursop, since starting the soursop and seamoss, after being diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my hips I've been able to join exercises including gentle yoga as well as standing palates. I was struggling to stand up and walk after just sitting for 10 minutes. Today thankfully I rarely feel the effects of that pain. I thank God and naturallymy sisters keeper. P.S. these are just a few of the products I use from her.

Donyetta R

You can’t go wrong with any of these flavors. They all taste amazing! I recently tried Big Red for the first time and it’s becoming a new favorite. 10/10 would recommend to everyone!