The 'Bubble' - Shea Moisturizer - (Immune System Booster)

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Avoid colds and flus. Use 'The Bubble' moisturizer, daily!  Take control and protect your family's health, using 'The Bubble' Body Butter. It is as simple as replacing your existing lotion to provide both moisture and protection.

Through dermal absorption, you can have more control over your health. Because plant molecules are so much smaller than those of chemical-based OTC products, not only do they work faster because your skin absorbs them quickly and they immediately go to work... But plant-based remedies are healthier too!

'The Bubble' is a remedy that helps to boost your immune system and increases your body's frequency to provide additional resistance to sickness and prevent harmful bacteria from surviving within your body.

The body's frequency is reduced by eating processed foods, eating fast food,  unhealthy diets and exposing ourselves to unhealthy environments.
Protect your family's health this season, using 'The Bubble' Body Butter.  Also great for those suffering from Lupus. 

4 oz. - $15
8 oz. - $20
16 oz. $30 (Includes Bonus: 'The Bubble' Liquid Soap)

Instructions:  Use 'The Bubble' daily as a body moisturizer.